Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Puppies Act 2

We have had the puppies for two weeks now.  Jordy has learned to scratch at the door to go outside - reliably.  Nelson was really good at first but has regressed a little.  But they are having few accidents now, though I think the neighbors wonder about the woman roaming the back yard in the freezing cold saying "Go potty, go potty, go potty, good boy, Jordy."

They roll and tumble with the best of them.  Jordy attacks Nelson, who screams when things get out of control.  Then Nelson attacks Jordy, who screams when things get out of control.  They roll in the snow, and the first one to the tree stump is king of the mountain.

The Monks of New Skete recommend that the owners teach the dogs to respond to the rattling of keys. Rattle the keys, provide a treat, repeat.  I only had to repeat once, and they both got it.  Now anytime I want them to come, I rattle the keys and they are right there.  It is awesome!

One of the cutest things is the dishwasher.  It did not take them long to begin to lick the dishes in the dishwasher.  Babs and Sepia used to do that with regularity, and at times one of them would crawl up onto the door of the dishwasher.  Just look at Jordy.  He already has it figured out.

But the cutest is when they are sleeping.

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  1. Belle was a big fan of licking the dishwasher but has learned if Kip's doing the dishes (as he is most nights) she has to stay clear. It makes him crazy. He's working on her being even OUT of the kitchen while she loads!