Wednesday, December 26, 2012


My mother was an excellent knitter.  When we were young, she could always be found with a knitting needle in her hand.  She would take us to the yarn shop to pick out yarn for our sweaters.  I had a beautiful celery-green V-neck, a bright orange cardigan (mohair), an off-white cardigan, and she even finished off my green knit dress that I started but neglected to finish.

When Katie was in ninth grade or so, Mom began to knit her a sweater.  She used a blue-green wool along with a blue-green mohair to make a V-neck, cable knit pullover.  I always loved that sweater.  Katie wore it throughout high school and perhaps college, but somehow I ended up with it.  In my thinner years (pre-children), I wore it numerous times - even to work.  It was warm and pretty . . . and I loved it.

Once I outgrew it, I could not bear to part with it.  So I kept it.  Don't exactly know why, but I did.  A few days ago, I decided to get it out to see if Di would be interested in it.  She jumped at the opportunity.  Not only did she like it, it fit beautifully!

So 45+ years later, Di's new sweater looks brand new.  And no one in the world has one like it!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


My favorite of all favorite Christmas traditions is lighting luminarias on Christmas Eve.  Unfortunately, this year the weather kept me from putting out my normal 200.  I finally settled on 65 . . . just enough to go up the sidewalk and around the tree.  With snow coming in and dreadful cold, we could get them lighted, but cleaning them up might prove to be more of a challenge than we want to face.  So we did an abbreviated version  . . . yet I found them just as lovely.

As we arrive home from late church, the lighted candles are such a peaceful reminder of what this Christmas season is all about.  I am praying for peace and happiness for my friends and the world.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Twas the Night Before Christmas

and all through the casa,
the tree's finally up,
Caramba, que pasa?

The stockings were hung con mucho cuidado
In hopes that St. Nicholas would feel obligado.

The table was lista para la familia,
With steak, potatoes, and memorabilia.

Luminarias are lit, the fudge is made,
The egg nog is bought, the fire is laid,
It seems as if everything's setting up right,
Merry Christmas to all . . . and to all a good night.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

An Explanation to No Motivation

There is a reason for the lack of motivation.  I don't know how legitimate it is, but it is an explanation anyway.

Before Thanksgiving, we began a project.  A kitchen project.  To be done before Thanksgiving.  Started in plenty of time.  But as usual, things don't always go as planned.

I forgot to take the before picture until the tile and the countertops were gone, but this is a pretty accurate look at the old kitchen.

When we went to the Baylor game on Don's birthday, the contractors worked on the countertops and tile.  The project was already a week late, but the kitchen was usable by Thanksgiving.

By that time, Don had decided he wanted to paint the cabinets.  Of course, that was to start Tuesday, the 10th.  The painter got sick.  I had already cleaned out all of the cabinets, however, so I couldn't decorate, cook . . . nothing.  He finally arrived this past Monday, but the cabinet doors are still not ready.  So I have a kitchen that is done except for the cabinet doors.

At least today (Saturday) I can put things away.  Nevermind that we are having company for Christmas dinner . . . they will just get to look at the insides of my cabinets.

The carpenter wanted to install the doors and drawers on Monday, Christmas Eve.  He didn't understand why I said no.  Can you imagine having that going on while trying to get dinner ready?  Sometimes men just don't get it!

Anyway, by this time, I don't have time to take out the snowmen, the Santas, the angels, the snowglobes - by the way, I love the snowglobes!  I may find a way to use the bells, but that's it.  This is the most undecorated Christmas I have ever had . . . but at least I have a kitchen to use.  Pictures will be posted later!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

So Much To Do . . . No Motivation

Christmas shopping.  Have bought some items, still have more to get.  I have two weeks . . . well, a day less.  No rush.

Christmas cards.  Wrote my note tonight.  Will make copies sometime this week.  No hurry.  Might get done by Christmas Eve.  Then again, might not.

Wrap presents.  That one is done.  I needed the dining room table. But the ones not bought aren't wrapped . . . statement of the obvious.

Decorate the tree.  Tree?  What tree?  Purchase tree first.  That might happen tomorrow.

Decorate the house.  Well, that might happen after Di gets home.

Mail packages.  Done.  Amazing.

Get basement ready for company.  Yikes.  That will take days.  Not done but has to get done.  Maybe Friday?

Put lights outside.  Every year, we put out fewer and fewer lights.  This year is the worst . . . but at least there are a few out there.  A pitiful attempt.

Don't know why my motivation is lagging.  I love Christmas, but the Christmas bug hasn't hit yet.  It had better hurry!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Bucket Lists

We think of Bucket Lists as documentation for us "older folks" of those things that we want to do before we leave this earth.  But I believe we should always have a bucket list, even as young people.

That being said, Diana is having the opportunity to check one item off of what would have probably been on her bucket list, if she had one.  She has been invited by a friend to attend the Wendy's Heisman awards tonight, and if she is lucky, she will be in the audience for Saturday night's Heisman awards.

She was invited back when Collin Klein was the front runner for the award.  Although he does not appear to have a chance to win it, we can only hope that many of the traditionalists, those older folks who view the Heisman as more than a flashy game, voted for him.  Time will tell, but how lucky that Di gets to go to an event that many of us just dream about.

I hope she has a great time!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Big 12 Champions

Well, the roller coaster of being a fan went from the depths of depression to almost the highest of highs yesterday.  After losing to Baylor (the lows), and playing a terrible first half (not helping the lows), Collin started playing his game, and suddenly we are the champions.  K-Staters have not had that opportunity very often, so we celebrated in style last night.

After it became apparent we were going to win, the music in the stadium began blaring, "We are Champions, we are the champions . . . . "  The people in the stadium were singing, jumping . . . and then when the the final second clicked to 0, students swarmed the field for the presentation of the trophy.

Rather than storm the field, we stayed with our friends at our seats. The fireworks, the music, the trophy presentation, the speeches, and then . . . my favorite . . . Stand Up, Stand Up for the Champions, for the Champions Stand Up!  It was a perfect night!