Friday, June 20, 2014

The Problem With Art

I have thoroughly enjoyed my art classes.  Our teacher, Charles Baughman, said he could teach anyone to draw, and I now believe him.  Some of my creations actually look ike something now.

One of our projects last year was painting on fence boards.  Since Don was taking down our fence, I began to do it and loved it!  The problem is what to do with them.  It is hard to give them to people because they may not like them.  I mailed one to a woman, but the cost of the postage is prohibitive.  I do not feel I can sell them, as I am just learning and do not feel my stuff is good enough for people to buy.

While at the cabin, we replaced the stairs to our porch, so I took the boards and made flowers on them.  I really like how they turned out . . . But what to do with them.  Too big to bring home, won't fit in the cabin . . . So they are currently residing in the barn.

The trouble with art . . . 

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