Sunday, November 16, 2014

Balloon Merlot

One of the exciting parts of having a new addition to the family is deciding what to name the baby.  Kenneth and Melinda are keeping silent on the baby's name, but we have been sending them some great ideas.

For example, before we knew the baby was a boy, we thought perhaps Janey Sue would be nice since it would be using both grandma's middle names.  Or Leroy Ira, if he is a boy?  How about Horton?  Horton Norton.  And then there's Herkimer.  And on and on.

On Saturday night, we celebrated Melinda's father's 70th birthday, and while there we were discussing some of the odd names that we have heard people name their children.  Kenneth commented that sometimes it seems as if the parents just pick a word because they happen to be looking at something.  I chimed in, "You mean like balloon?"  I was looking at Chuck's birthday balloons when I said it.

"Sure, or Merlot," answered Kenneth, holding up his wine glass.  And there we have the baby's name:  Balloon Merlot Norton.  We could call him B. M. for short . . . or not.

I can't wait to meet little Balloon and find out what his real name will be.  Until then . . . Balloon Merlot it is!

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