Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Going Gray

Several years ago, my friend who cuts my hair suggested that I quit coloring it.  I didn't like the idea, but she thought it was time, so when we went to Alaska, I did.  By the time we returned, the color was nearly gone, and I was almost all gray.

I did not ever want to be THAT woman:  the one with coal black hair on a sallow complexion.  I decided that going gray was better than that.  I have been surprised by how many people tell me that they like my gray, though I am still not wild about it.

This last weekend, however, I think I figured it out.  I have a friend who had been coloring her hair, but when she became ill, she quit.  Her hair is now its natural gray, and she looks lovely.  As a matter of fact, she looks younger than she did.  And though her hair is thinning, now that it is gray the thinning is not nearly as noticeable.

So I have decided there are worse things than having gray hair.  Embrace it, Karen, embrace it.

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