Friday, September 25, 2015

Mad as a Hornet

As we headed to Denver for an NFH convention and to see Katie, we stopped for lunch in Colby.  Just before Don started the RV we spied a wasp flying around my seat.  Yikes!  It landed on the front windshield where Don hit it with the flyswatter.  Unfortunately, we couldn't find it, and Don surmised that it fell into the defrost hole on the dash.  We could only hope it had died.

About an hour later, guess who surfaced?  Yep, straight out of the defrost vent near Don.  It rather surprised the driver, who was not real happy to have a wasp flying around his face.  At the time we were in the middle of road construction, so he couldn't even pull off, but gratefully we were toward the end of the construction and he was able to stop the rv.  He took aim, and . . . no luck.  Although it surprised the wasp, he just landed on the seat, undead.  Don hit him again.  No luck.  Took five or six more swats to make it so he couldn't fly, but he was still kicking when we grabbed him with a paper towel.  One tough wasp, for sure, but once dispatched we had no more!

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