Sunday, January 10, 2016

Las Vegas, NM

Since Don and I had wanted to meet with the Forest Service about a project we have in mind for the cabin, we decided a great time to go would be while my high school friend, Betsy Sturm, and her husband, Matthew, were in town.  Kathy Gunter Davis and her husband, Walt, also joined us, and we had a fun time

Who would have known that Teddy Roosevelt spent some time in Las Vegas?  We didn't, but we found out at the Rough Rider Museum in Las Vegas.  We are in several wonderful restaurants, and our lunches were so filling, we just ate dessert on Friday and Saturday nights.  We discovered the Creme Brulee at the El Fidel hotel was finished at the table, and the Tres Leches at the Plaza Hotel was fabulous.  The chocolate torte there was also wonderful, but I would take the Tres Leches any day!

Don and I took our picture in front of the sheriff's office for the Longmire series,

we went to the Hot Springs in the area, and we hiked at the Las Vegas Wildlife Refuge.  

Despite a blizzard on Friday, we were able to spend some time outside hiking, which gave us some much-needed exercise.

Betsy and Matthew are remodeling a home, so he spent quite a bit of time working on it, but he was able to spend some time with us hiking and at dinner.   We had wonderful conversations, especially about climate change, since he is a research scientist on snow.  It was fascinating to hear from someone who studies it up-close and personal!

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