Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Closetful of Lady's Slippers

When we were at the cabin in May, I found several Lady's Slipper plants, but only one looked like it might bloom.  I was hoping it would open before we left, but that was not to be my luck.

When we returned on June 26, I went up to find it, and it was still yellow.  Since I had the dogs with me, I did not get close and the next morning, it had turned brown.  Dad gummit!

Over the weekend, Melissa and Angus MacPherson were walking with us, and Melissa told me she had run into a whole patch of Lady's Slippers up the hill. Later that day, I went exploring, and although it took me a few minutes to find it, lo and behold there were four still blooming . . . but there had been seven or eight more that had already bloomed!  For flower geeks like me, it was a thrilling find!  I will be keeping my eye on this little patch, hoping that every year, it will find a way to bloom en masse!

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