Friday, September 12, 2014

I Had a Wooden Whistle

. . . and it wouldn't whistle,
No matter how I tried.
It was a fine wooden whistle
But it wouldn't whistle
So I sat right down and cried.

This little song came into my head when we were sitting near the lake at the University of Wisconsin.  Out of the blue, the loudest whistle I have ever heard began to bellow.  I had to cover my ears as it blew louder and louder.

Don said it was a steam whistle and he took a picture of it.

Dr. Google, bless her heart, enlightened us as to its function.  It is used to warn sailors of impending bad weather or of sundown, so they can get their boats off the lake.  

Dr. Google said it is tested once a week and they blow the whistle if bad conditions are due within an hour.  We had been informed that the bad weather was going south of us, so we attributed the 1:51 start time as a test. 

About an hour later, a sudden shower blew in and so did the winds.  It occurred to us when we took this picture of the DU house that perhaps the whistle blowers knew more than we did.  The picture is now an accurate reflection of how high the whitecaps were, but I would not have wanted to be on the water with this kind of choppiness!

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