Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New Tailgaters

Probably the most rewarding part about our tailgating is watching young people turn into responsible adults turn into parents.  At one time, we were those responsible adults who turned into parents, and I am so enjoying watching the next generation do the same thing.

Last year, our first official "tailgate baby" joined the fray.  He was still a baby, but by the end of tailgate season, he was beginning to stand.  Hold on, because this year he is completely mobile!  He loves to play hide-and-seek around the bed in the RV, and he is most willing to engage in everything tailgate.

Two new tailgaters will be joining us this year.  One arrived at the first game.  She is nearly a year old, is all smiles, and loves to look in the mirror.  Despite the heat, she managed very well.  One thing we  did notice is that she was fascinated with the young man and kept trying to kiss him.  He was not impressed, but Mom and Dad are going to have to watch this little one - ha, ha!

We have yet to meet the third little one, but come Octoberfest, we hope he will be in attendance.  He is only about 6 months old, but I know he, too, will be a fun addition.

I am hesitant to name names on the net, so they will just be he and she on my blogs.  Those who know them will know to whom I am referring, and those who do not know them probably will not care so much about who they are as to how cute they are.

We do have one requirement . . . Parents must bring pictures that we can put on the microwave - sort of a Rogue's gallery.  This way, we can keep track of our little ones and their progress.

"Aren't we cute?"

"Can I give you a kiss?"
I love our new additions to our tailgate crew!

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