Thursday, July 22, 2010

Another kind of COOL!

It is so hot here. The last few summers have been fairly mild, so this heat is quite a shock. I am not liking it very much. So I have tried to think cool. Thinking cool takes me to the Holy Ghost Canyon . . . which is where this picture was taken a few weeks ago. In that particular canyon, after a rain storm, clouds sneak down the canyon, looking eerily like a ghost. Most people say that the Canyon was named by the Spaniards when they came into the area and saw the clouds appear after a rainstorm. They called it, "Espiritu Santo", or Holy Ghost. You can bank on the air feeling very cool when the Holy Ghost is in the canyon.

In my book, A Stroll Up the Canyon, I tell several theories about how the canyon got its name. Most people accept the one mentioned above, but I heard a new one when I was there a few weeks ago. Someone mentioned that they had heard that during the Pueblo Revolt of 1680, several Catholic priests escaped from the Pecos Pueblo and headed up the Canyon. They supposedly hid in the Indian Ceremonial Cave (across from the Tererro General Store and Riding Stables), and after they survived, they attributed their successful escape to the "Espiritu Santo." We will never know the real origin of the name, but it is fun to hear different hypotheses.

Stay Cool!!!

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