Saturday, July 17, 2010

Gelato de Joey

My nephew is torturing me! Big time!

He has returned from Italy, where he took a four-week cooking class. I can tell he learned a lot about cooking and about foods - just looking at his cookbook makes me drool.

When Williams-Sonoma put their Gelato machines on sale, Joey decided he needed one. And tonight we are testing it out! He mixed up a batch, teaching me a thing or two . . . such as how to temper eggs. It is now cooling in the refrigerator, and I can hardly stand it. In a few minutes, he will be putting it into the Gelato machine . . . can't wait!

It was definitely worth waiting for. Although he thought it was too rich, I disagree. It reminds me of my grandmother's Chocolate Nut Ice Box cake, without the pound of butter, 8 eggs, and loads of sugar! Cold chocolate mousse maybe . . . but yummier! I loved it. So tomorrow we are going for mango - surely am glad that Gelato machine will be leaving with Joey tomorrow, as I would surely be putting on the pounds otherwise!

1 comment:

  1. mmm. gelato.

    also. mmm. chocolate nut icebox cake. Can you send me some in the mail?