Monday, July 19, 2010


It is definitely wildflower season in the mountains! The gilias, penstemons, and rudbeckias are in full bloom as are the bergamots, paintbrushes, and mountain woollywhites! All of these can be found in my pamphlet Common Wildflowers of Northern New Mexico.

But as I learned while compiling my pamphlet, there are a lot of flowers in the mountains that are not wild but instead have found their way by being planted by people. For example, in the spring, lilacs abound . . . but they are common lilacs. Numerous Shasta Daisies are found up the Holy Ghost, a result of a can of "wildflower seeds" spread by a well-meaning visitor. Daylilies also bloom in profusion, especially in certain areas, as do poppies.

The prettiest poppies I have seen are at the Wilderness Gateway Bed and Breakfast. It is just below Cowles, New Mexico, and once you have been there, you will return. Their gardens are exquisite, and their poppies equally so! Enjoy the picture!

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