Sunday, May 8, 2016

Highway 1

As we were planning this trip, Don was determined to do one thing:  drive Highway 1 down the Pacific Coast.  I recall our family driving it when I was about 17, but I remember little about it.  Sometimes I think travel is wasted on the young!  I do recall certain parts of the trip, but not what we drove today.

We have been on some harrowing roads this trip:  the Moki-Dugway; the snowy passes between Ely and Reno, Nevada; and today Highway 1.  We would call this road the Moki-Dugway for RVs.  Don thought that parts of Highway 1 were narrower than the Moki Dugway, and the turns were no less sharp.  

When we drove the Million Dollar Highway in Colorado on our way to Alaska, I was eating frozen blueberries to keep my mind off the cliff to my side.  Today I didn't have any frozen blueberries.  I needed them.  There were places that I thought were as steep as those on the Million Dollar Highway, and they did not have guardrails, either.  I have become accustomed to "riding the white line" on the right side of the road, and today was no exception.  I wasn't really that nervous . . . 

All of that being said, the drive was exquisite.  We saw crashing waves, beautiful forests, grass fires, grazing cattle and elephant seals.  It took us nearly the whole day to get to San Luis Obispo, but that was all right.  The drive was every bit as billed!

This picture does not do justice to the size of the elephant seals.

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