Saturday, May 7, 2016

Meeting the Seals

Jordy and Nelson had been locked up most of Monday because we went to the Hearst Castle, and then we stopped at the Moonstone Beach Bar and Grill for lunch.  I had a delicious (and huge) B,L,T, and avocado sandwich, along with delicious onion rings!  Don had fish tacos that were equally good.  We sat outside in the cool warmth, right on the edge where the ocean was.  Highly recommended!

When we got home, the dogs were amped!  They were ready to go, but Don needed a nap.  You see how that went over.

We decided to take them to the beach.  We stopped at several places hoping for access but all we got was cliffs.  We finally ended up at Pismo State Park, which is a lovely, lovely beach, especially on a cool April afternoon during the week.  I suspect the weekends are wild, however.  We didn't have much more success with Jordy and Nelson getting into the water, but they did enjoy the smells.

We then came back to Avila Beach and took them out on the pier.  On a working dock off the pier were a bunch of seals relaxing.  They were pretty noisy, so we were hoping they would get the attention of the dogs.

The pups are being introduced to many new sights and sounds.  I think they will be glad to get back to something familiar!

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