Saturday, July 19, 2014

Butchart Gardens

Vancouver Island seems to have the perfect climate for growing gorgeous flowers.  They claim that they were the first to start the hanging potted plant craze in North America.  I believe it - they are everywhere!

One of the signature displays on the island is the Butchart Gardens.  Initially a limestone quarry, Mrs. Butchart insisted that her husband allow her to create the gardens after his company had taken as much limestone as it could to be used in his cement business.  He conceded, and the result is the Butchart Gardens.

The gardens are not just spectacular because of the blooming flowers.  Yes, they are gorgeous, but the way the landscapers combine shapes, sizes, and colors is as spectacular, not to mention the interesting walks and ponds they have added.  But I will let the pictures tell the story:

The pond in the crater; the fountain was designed in the 1960's

A Dogwood

A mining bucket tucked into the garden

The Butchart Gardens take about two hours of casual walking (about 4000 steps according to my Fit Bit), and at the end, reward yourself with their delicious soft-serve ice cream.  Creamy, creamy, creamy.  What a way to end a lovely day!

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