Friday, July 18, 2014

Victoria on Vancouver Island

The beauty of Victoria has not been over-hyped.  Wow!  What a lovely town.

For the first part of the day, we were dropped off downtown and given time to walk about two miles back to the bus.  Reminiscent of a European town, we wandered Fan Tan Alley (the smallest retail alley around), had lunch at the Seafood Grille (where their cooler was off, the beer was warm, but the food was good) and visited the Royal British Columbia Museum.  Unfortunately time did not allow us to spend any time at the museum, but we did take in the IMAX movie about Vikings.  The movie put into context some of the information we learned while we were in Denmark, so it was time well-spent.

Our seat at the Seafood Grille
A vegetable market outside Fan Tan Alley.  They had beautiful produce, some of which I had never heard.
Don stylin' his Tilley in front of the Tilley Store
One thing we wished we had done was to walk the grounds of the Empress Hotel.  I suspect they paled in comparison with the Butchart Gardens, which is where we spent the rest of the day, but we heard they were gorgeous.
The view from the Empress Hotel
One of hundreds of plantings in Victoria
We also enjoyed all of the street performers we saw.  One, a fire juggling unicyclist, was pretty fun, and another made of think of Kenneth, as he was strumming his guitar while playing his harmonica.  Maybe upon retirement, Kenneth could come here and supplement his income!

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