Saturday, July 19, 2014

Love Child Organics

One of the beauties of traveling is the people one meets along the way.  On the ferry we met a professor from a Mennonite seminary who has spent plenty of time in Hillsboro at Tabor College even though he is from British Columbia.  We spent some time in Victoria with a couple from Boston.  And today after we arrived in Whistler, we met a lovely family when we went to the Friday afternoon get-together.

Finding a spot to sit was a challenge, but this young couple and their children were sitting around a fire, and two seats were empty.  We asked if we could sit down and they graciously said yes, though they warned us they had children.  I had already observed, however, that the children were darling and would be delightful to be around.

After a little while we began to chat ("Imagine that," chimes in my brother.  "Karen?  Striking up a conversation?  No way!  Ha, ha!")  They actually live in Whistler and the first thing we discussed is weather.  They had many questions about tornadoes, living in the midwest, and cost of living.

Eventually we got around to what brought them to Whistler, and we learned that they have started an organic baby-food line.  When I asked them what caused them to go into that line of business, they confessed that until they had children, it hadn't crossed their mind, but once their daughter arrived, they realized how small the organic baby food market is.  We talked extensively about the difficulties of starting a business, marketing, and the like.

Turns out their baby food is available in WalMart.  I do not know much about retailing, but I do know that getting into WalMart is a huge deal.  They do not just take anyone!  I did some checking, and their product is definitely available online (for those of you reading this who have little ones or little grand-ones)!

Leah, the mom and President of the firm, said that theirs is the only organic baby food that has no preservatives at all.  When I asked her about it, she explained that although other organic baby food firms do not add preservatives, they frequently use initial ingredients that contain them.  But at Love Child Organics, they very carefully choose their ingredients to make sure they can back up their claim, and they do not add any preservatives.

I have not yet read up on the company, but it appears as if their packaging is a bit unique for the States, too.  Commonly accepted in the UK, the baby food is in pouch form.  Since I have not tried it, I do not know if it is easier or harder . . . but it would be interesting to try.

Another side note - Leah is a former elementary teacher and administrator.  I could tell.  The children played on the lawn as normal children did, but they did not stray far, and they remained in control.  Well-behaved children are a joy . . . and these two were.

I am going to check out to learn more about their products, and you can bet I am going to tell others about them.  I was very impressed with this young family and hope their business grows strong, just like their children.

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