Monday, July 21, 2014


Ready for something a little less adrenaline releasing, we decided to take a canoe trip.  Of course, I have only canoed one time, and that was with Diana when we went to girl scout camp at Camp Seikooc.  And that was in a nasty pond.  Yuk.

This time, there were only three of us in two canoes.  The guide, Lou, shared a canoe with the other man, and Don and I were in the other one. I knew it would be a challenge, but we went anyway!

We started out on Alta Lake practicing sweeping, stopping, and turning.  I was the power, and Don was the rudder.  We did pretty well in the lake, and at the start of the river, I learned to draw, which meant that I could pull the bow to the left or right.  By the time we thought we had the hang of it, we were thrown into a faster part of the river.

Lou warned us that we would end up in the bushes . . . and we did.  Several times.  Don did not handle it very well, but I thought it was rather humorous.  Once we got into the lazier part of the river, we were able to turn and draw so that we stayed out of the weeds and bushes.

In too short a time, the canoe trip was over.  I would not want to canoe in a rushing river, but it was fun for the short time we did it.

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