Thursday, July 10, 2014

Schlitterbahn Babs

I was in the basement, quietly doing my bookkeeping while Don was upstairs with Babs.  I heard the baby gate open, a slight stumble, and then nothing.

"Don?"  I said.

No answer.

"Don?"  I asked, a little more concerned.

No answer.

Thinking the worst, I rushed to the stairs, wondering what had happened to him.

No Don.  Nothing, except little Babs standing at the bottom of the stairs, somewhat confused.

Now how had that happened?  The baby gate was closed.  Had she gone through the wooden stair rails?  No, I had not heard a thunk.

Then I heard water and realized Don was in the shower, so he wouldn't have known what happened.

I think, but I do not know for sure, that somehow Babs pushed on the baby gate just enough to cause it to open.  Then she either fell or tried to hop down the stairs and instead slid head and feet first down the stairs.  All the way to the bottom.

I picked her up and hugged her, took her upstairs, put her down near her food, and she proceeded to eat.  A lot.  And more.  It must have scared something out of her.

Anyway, she is unscathed, to our relief.  But we are going to have to re-evaluate the baby gate.  We didn't think she could push it open . . . and she did!

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