Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Arches National Park

By the time everyone was ready to go, Don and I had taken the dogs for two walks, eaten breakfast, taken showers, made reservations at three campgrounds, Facetimed with Diana and Caleb,  and gotten supplies ready to go.  Meanwhile, the other RV was a little slower . . . but that is ok.  Maybe we need to chill a bit.

Anyway, we arrived at Arches National Park about 11:00, and once we got our bearings, we began our journey.  We stopped first to see the Three Gossips, the Sheep's Head, and the Tower of Babel.

The tower of Babel is a huge rock cliff that looks intricately carved, even though it has been shaped by wind and water.

The Sheep's Head really does look like a sheep . . . or the Sphinx.

My favorite part was the area where the North Window and South Window were.  The walk was very pleasant, and the windows were spectacular.

I think they look like a pair of glasses, frankly, but no one asked me

We then went to two different areas where there are spectacular arches.  This final one, the Landscape Arch, is the size of two football fields.  It won't be too many years (in geologic time) before this one collapses.

After our steak dinner, we came back to take pictures of the full moon over the mountains.  When we arrived, however, the balancing rock looked amazing with the full moon behind it.

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