Saturday, April 16, 2016

My Brother, the Trucker

Today was the first day of my brother's grand adventure - learning to really drive my sister's fifth wheel. Nevermind that the day before he could not figure out how to open the door to get out.  Good thing Don was there to help out.

Once Bart got the RV packed and put together, we headed out.  Of course, our luck, Don could not get the Brake Buddy working, so he stopped on the road to fix it.  Bart stopped behind us, which blocked both the exit and entrance to the RV park.  Oops.  Don didn't realize it, but Jerri was certainly aware of the five RVs that were trying to leave or enter the park.

We managed to get through Bernalillo and onto I-40 so that we could stop at a truck stop for Bart to fill the truck with gas.  We pulled into a Love's full-service truck stop.  To Bart's defense, the signage was a little confusing BUT he managed to pull into the truck area rather than the passenger car area.

After waiting for a minute, he pulled into the lane to fill up.  It should have been obvious to him that his fifth-wheel was a little small in comparison to the other rigs, but by that time, he could not back up, so he just went for it.

He tried to pay, and that was when he realized he had a problem.   He couldn't pay because he didn't have a fuel card.  So he traipsed across several lanes of truckers to go inside and pay.  A trucker stopped him sometime during this process, apologizing for cutting Bart off, and then mentioning that he was in the wrong place to fill.  He was reminded again when he went in to pay.  But eventually he was able to fill the truck, and off we went again!

The rain and snow made driving a little interesting, but luckily, the snow was melting as quickly as it was falling.

We made arrangements to go to the visitor center at El Malpais where we would eat and then go through the center.  Several RVs were parked there, and Don, wanting to leave Bart plenty of room to park, pulled into one spot, leaving the entire end of the parking lot open for Bart.  So what did he do?  He squeezed between us and another RV, then stressed about getting out.  Luckily, the RV to his left pulled away, and he was home free.  But he certainly could have made it easier on himself by parking at the end of the parking lot.

The remainder of the day was rather uneventful, and by evening, he was much more comfortable driving.  I am sure we will have plenty of other interesting occurrences, but I am hoping not many, or Jerri may not survive the trip!

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