Thursday, April 21, 2016


After Deadhorse State Park, we met the princesses at the visitor center at Canyonlands.  We decided to drive to the very end of the road and work our way back.

The Grand Point Overlook is between the Green and Colorado Rivers.  We took a two-mile hike to the end of the viewpoint, and I proved even old women can climb rocks.  The hike was on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Colorado, but at the end both rivers are in view.  Unfortunately, the light was not great so the pictures do not do it justice.

Afterwards, we stopped at several overlooks.  We were going to take one more hike, but it was too hot and steep, so we passed it.

Canyonlands is a nice park, but there is not nearly as much to do unless one is into mountain biking or Jeeping.  The Jeep we tow is too old to take the side roads and we are not into biking, so the few hikes we took were the extent of it.  There is not as much to see here as there is at Arches, but the deep canyons are certainly impressive.

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