Monday, April 18, 2016

Moki Dugway

We had heard about Moki Dugway from Betsy Sturm.  When we looked on the internet, it appeared in a blog on  Oh boy.  Sounds fun!

After spending the morning in Monument Valley, we grabbed the Jeep and drove to Mexican Hat.  Bart reminded us that Dad had rafted down the San Juan with his brother, Ed, and they camped near Mexican Hat.  Dad had suggested to Uncle Ed that they go to the hotel just above them and catch a shower . . . but Uncle Ed declined and they continued on down the San Juan.  

Not far from Mexican Hat, we found the road where the Moki Dugway is.  In 1958, the road was built to bring ore from the mine down to Halchita from the Happy Jack Mine on Cedar Mesa.  It is a road with an 11% grade, no guard rails (only built-up piles of dirt), and narrow switchbacks.  There is a reason they do not allow RVs on the road!

As we climbed the very steep road, we could not believe how well the road blended into the side of the cliff.  We could not see the next level of road after the switchbacks, it was so camouflaged.

Once we drove to the top, we turned around and came back down again.  It was a pretty exciting ride back down, and we were very glad for the good weather.  This was a very fun diversion, and one we would recommend - as long as it isn't raining or snowing!

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