Saturday, June 26, 2010

34 Years and Counting

Thirty-four years ago today Don and I got married. It is amazing how fast the time has gone.

When a person at age 23 says, "For better, for worse, in sickness and in health, as long as we both shall live", one has no idea what all that means. I could never have imagined what I would look like (though I should have since I look just like my mom), what Don would look like (although he looks a lot like his dad), that we would have two kids, live in the same house for 26 years . . . and much more.

I remember telling my dad on our first anniversary that if the rest of our marriage is as easy as the first year, then we have it made. He said he was glad to hear that and he hoped so too . . . I can say, that most years have been that easy . . .

A lot of great times have been had since this picture was taken in 1975 . . . who are those skinny people, anyway? It has been a fun ride - here's to 34 more!!!


  1. Good Lord, it's like looking at a picture of myself. Holy cow that's freaky.

  2. Ha ha - Melinda and I just said the same thing. How did Di find a time machine that took her back to 1975!!!

  3. Kenneth - Bring back the comb over with the same length and put on some glasses and you might be there too! "Back to the Future" Hello-McFly-Are you in there?