Monday, June 28, 2010

A Gift

Last summer I received a gift. It was unexpected, but it is the best gift I have ever received - a free year with my daughter.

I know Di was disappointed that she had to come home after graduating . . . nothing came together for her, and she had no options. She kept trying to find a full-time job and nothing worked out. But she found things to do . . . she worked for her uncle, volunteered to help with the rowing club, joined the Spanish book club, and learned to make the most awesome chocolate chip cookies!

In the meantime, she helped me. She took care of the dogs when needed, she cooked dinner, she went to the store . . . and she kept me company. We talked about all sorts of things - books we had read, political issues, and general "stuff".

And I have loved every minute of it. So has Don. But now it's time for her to go on to bigger and better things. So off to Vermont, and then to Madrid, she is headed. She is starting another adventure, and I know she will make the most of it. But I will always be grateful that she gave me this extra year . . . it has been awesome!

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