Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Crater Lake

Wednesday afternoon, after settling into our campsite, we went to the Visitor's Center and then up to the rim to see the lake.  The film at the Visitor's Center gave a good overview of how the lake was formed and what special things needed to be seen.

Unfortunately, our first view of the lake was not what we had hoped.  A cloudy sky made a spectacular sight rather ordinary, and although we thought it was pretty, we know it should look like Lake Moraine in Canada.  We explored the Lodge, ate at the cafe near our campsite, and strategized for Thursday, when we hoped it would be clear.

Wrong.  It did not rain like it was on Wednesday, but it was cooler, bordering on cold.  The temperature when Don awakened was 47, and throughout the day, it only warmed a little.  We loved it!

Our first trip was to Sun Notch, which included a short hike to the top of the hill.  The view to the lake included Phantom Ship, a vertical lava vent left from the explosion.  Trees now grow on it, giving an interesting view of the island.  This hike allowed for several different views of the island and the lake.  Tomorrow morning we are told it is to be crystal clear, so we plan to come to Sun Notch for an early morning picture.

Usually cars can go the circumference of the crater, but as of yesterday, the road was closed at Sun Notch to allow crews to rappel up rock cliffs and throw down rocks that could slide.  Sounds dangerous to us.  Therefore we backtracked, stopped at Vidae Falls, hiked a short hike to the wildflower meadow, and then went to the rim.

We took advantage of several of the exhibits, had lunch at the Lodge, and drove a ways the other direction around the rim.  Unfortunately. We were nearly out of gas, so we had to turn around.  As Don said, " I have enough pictures of a gray lake."

We are hoping tomorrow will yield better weather so we can get some awesome pictures.

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