Saturday, August 9, 2014

Tailgating in Lincoln City

We awakened early on Friday morning since we had invited the group over for a true tailgate breakfast of cottage fries, bacon, scrambled eggs, and blueberry pancakes.  Don is a terrific breakfast chef, and he was definitely in his element.  By the time the group arrived, he had cooked two packages of bacon (well, I did help a little), 18 eggs, and a pan of cottage fries.  Once everyone was there, the pancakes went on the grill, and within a few minutes, breakfast was served.

While waiting Anne found some really cute caps in the RV store . . . Betsy found me a purple one that will be useful when we tailgate for real!

We finished just in time to be out of our spot by 11:00 and were we on our way to Tillamook.

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