Sunday, August 10, 2014

Say Cheese

We beat the group to the Tillamook Cheese Factory, and since they were going to be awhile, we went inside.  Not know that it was not overwhelmingly busy at all times, we threaded our way through the door to the self-guided tour.  We chose to wait to buy ice cream until the group arrived, but we could not resist going through the tasting line.  They had five different cheese to sample, with the line culminating at the cheese store.  How could we resist? $54 later we had several blocks of cheese, some shredded cheddar, and some smaller blocks.

By the time we had taken the cheese to the RV, the group arrived.  We returned to the factory with them.  This time, after watching the factory's packaging operation, ice cream was had by all.  Kathy bought a waffle bowl, and several of us ate the Tillamook Mudslide, which was as good as any chocolate ice cream I have ever had.  Don had a caramel flavor, which he also thought was delicious.   

Back through the samples Don and the group went, and this time he emerged with two gallons of ice cream and over a pound of fudge - five different favors!

We had hoped to continue our trip up the coast with the group, but Kenneth and Melinda were on their way to the Cheese Factory, so we bid the group good-bye and waited for them.  Once again, we went into the factory.  Kenneth and Melinda purchased a dish of ice cream, they went through the sample line (Don for the third time), and we were on our way.

We had also read that Blue Heron had an exhibit, and they make Brie.  That was enough for me.  Unfortunately, all they had was a store and farm animals outside.  We did taste the Brie, however, and Don purchased a round of it.  I think we are set for a long time!

Then we were off to see the Bed and Breakfast where Kenneth and Melinda stayed.  It was a good cheesy day.

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