Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Jedediah Smith River

In order to get to Crater Lake from the Redwood National Park, we had to drive up the Jedediah Smith River and through the Jedediah Smith State Park.

Who was Jedediah Smith?  He was a well-known mountain man who was killed by the Cherokee when he was 31.  His heroic battle against the Cherokee was lost in Ulysses, Kansas, and to read about him leads one to believe he was brave and adventurous.

The redwood forest in an ancient forest filled with huge, tall redwoods.  It reminded us a little of the Cal Barrel road except for the two-lane paved road that runs through it.  After leaving the redwoods, the forested area and the stream reminded us, in places, of our Pecos River Valley.  Next time we come this way, we plan to spend more time in this particular forest.

Don thought this was interesting in that the sky looks like a tornado!

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