Monday, August 4, 2014

The Andina Restaurant

We can always count on Kenneth and Melinda to find wonderful restaurants, and they did not disappoint.  It was rather coincidental that we were going to be in Portland on the same days, so we decided to have dinner with them on Friday night.

Peruvian food.  We have never had Peruvian food.  The restaurant received first-rate reviews on numerous sites that Melinda had visited, and so Peruvian food it was!

 First we ordered an appetizer of purple Peruvian potatoes with pulled chicken salad in between.  Hard to describe, but they were indeed purple potatoes.  It was an amazing looking dish.  We were also served a basket of bread with three different sauces.  The first was a mild peanut dip, the second a deliciously spicy and sweet yellow Peruvian pepper dip, and the third, a much hotter green pepper dip.  The yellow pepper one was the favorite, but all three disappeared.

For dinner, Don ordered a partial rack of lamb, Kenneth had a beef medallion dish, and Melinda and I split a Peruvian barbecue dish.  At restaurants such as the Andina, the presentation of the dish is as impressive as the food itself.  True, true, true.  Too bad we did not get a picture.

If we are ever in Portland again, this is a restaurant we would go to again!  Highly recommended!

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