Tuesday, August 5, 2014

OH NO! It is happening!

For years I have looked at birthday cards that lampooned old people mis-hearing a conversation.

"It is Thursday?"
"Yes, I'm thirsty.  Let's go get a drink."

That kind of thing.  Well . . . it is happening.  Get a group of 60-somethings together, and some very humorous conversations happen.  Just a few from the last two days:

I asked Susan what John was doing.  "He's checking out a few of the places to eat."

Betsy looked at me and said, "Oh, are we having Italian again?"


Susan and John were sitting in a booth with Don and me.  As Susan was trying to get out of the booth, John and I heard her say, "I am trying to get my fat out."  What she really said was, "I am trying to get my hat out."  I was relieved someone else heard what I heard . . . but Susan was not real pleased.

We have had numerous conversations such as these.  All we can do is laugh . . . but it is apparent that most of us have attended too many concerts and athletic events.

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