Sunday, August 8, 2010

Thoughts from Babs and Sepia

Another imagined conversation going on at our house these days:

Babs: What is that little twirp doing now? Tearing up another wrapping paper roll?
Sepia: Yep, how many is that now?
Babs: Today she didn't steal my treat from McDonald's. But she sure tried to shove you out of your rightful place on the console.
Sepia: Who does she think she is? I finally had to get into the Dog Lady's lap to get away from her.
Babs: And have you noticed how, when she goes up the stairs, she stops about two steps from the top, lays down and stares at us . . . just like Snoopy does when he pretends to be a vulture?
Sepia: Patty Sue does that, too. I think they are just jealous that they aren't regal like us, so they try to intimidate us. Just ignore both of them . . . the Dog Lady will take care of us.
Babs: I loved our walk today. The Dog Lady kept her out front away from us . . . and did you see how well she did? She actually was heeling like we were, kind of.
Sepia: She didn't like it when I went to sniff her Kong, did she? I am going to have to be more careful. But she reminded me of how fun it is to bite at the sprinklers. I almost participated with her today . . . but then I remembered that I am 91 years old and probably shouldn't do that anymore! I might hurt myself.
Babs: Did you notice that she jumped on the bed today?
Sepia: The Dog Lady told her that she couldn't get into any bad habits while she was at our house, so she had to get off the bed. Good luck, Dog Lady.
Babs: You know, she really is rather cute. Do you think this is what having Grandchildren is like?
Sepia: Maybe. Or maybe it's like Grandma Moo used to say - "They make me happy twice - I am glad to see them come and I am glad to see them go."

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