Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Don and I went out again at Lake Myvatn because the weather was clear, and although the forecast was low, we decided to try it.  We had chosen a spot, so at midnight, we got up to check it out.

We stopped before our chosen spot because we saw an aurora and wanted to get it.  How lucky we were!  There was a herd of horses there, and we were able to get them in the pictures!

We thought the auroras would be in a similar spot to the ones the night before, and although they started there, they ended up going overhead, spreading across the entire sky.  The camera picked up colors we could not see, but even white ones were spectacular.

We talked with a young lady the next day who said the lights are more colorful in the winter because there is no light in the sky - it is completely dark - and now there is twilight for a long time that dims the lights.  But she said it was better to see them now - a little dimmer, but warmer with more daylight - than in the winter!

Pictures forthcoming once Don downloads them at home.

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