Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Volcano House

Since Iceland is a volcanic island, it is logical that there is plenty of information about volcanoes.  At th Volcano House, two films are shown detailing several recent volcanic eruptions.  We had no idea what an eruption entailed with the people in the villages.  We are amazed that only one life was lost in the eruptions and it was because of gas and not because of the lava.

In the same building as the Volcano House is a restaurant called Icelandic Fish and Chips.  We decided to share a tasting plate of their fish and chips.  Good decision, since it left us wanting for more.  We added a mango salad and a bowl of lobster soup, and when we left, we still had room for ice cream from BadaBing.  

The fish was especially delicious because the breading on the outside was very light.  I asked the waitress, who happened to be from the States, what the secret is, and she says it is the spelt flour.  She said it can be purchased at Health Food stores, so Green Acres here I come.  I have read breads are lighter when made with it, too.

The mango salad featured slices of mango combined with nuts and a bread crust that had just a bit of sweetness.  With its ginger dressing,it was yum, yum, yummy.  And Don's lobster soup? Suffice to say it did not last long.  We thoroughly enjoyed this restaurant - not fancy, not showy, just yummy"

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