Sunday, April 19, 2015

Uh Oh, Part Two

Well, things were going swimmingly until the Check Engine Now sign came on in the car.  Oh great!  This time we didn't wait to call the rental car company.  They immediately set us up with a garage in another town with a name we cannot pronounce (and the GPS could not find).

We have learned that most of the garages are owned by older men who have limited English - they can get by, but it is hard.  They have to call in the young bucks, who have learned English in school and can navigate it pretty well.  That is exactly what happened here!

This time the diagnosis took a lot longer.  There was much conferring, talking to the rental car company, more conferring - all on a Saturday when we were lucky to even find an open place.  After a little while, it was determined that we would need a new car.

The young mechanic, when he first met Don, talked a little about our car, a Ford Kuga.  It is a Korean-built automobile, and he asked if we knew what Kuga means in Icelandic.  Of course we do not, so we asked him.  He said, "It means what you do in the toilet.  Number 2."  I laughed out loud.

Who do you think dropped the ball at Ford to send a car with that name to Iceland?

Anyway, they sent us on, hoping we would make it to our next stop (which we did, but right after we got here, the check engine light went on again), and they would arrange to send a car to us.  It arrived here about 8:30 p.m., and it is much nicer, much bigger, and does not have a naughty name!

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