Thursday, April 16, 2015


One of the distinctions of Iceland is its geothermal fields, much like Yellowstone.  We are quite fascinated with geysers, so we went to the attraction in a geothermal field.

To compare it with Yellowstone is not quite fair, as this was a small field - we hear there are larger ones elsewhere on the island.  The biggest geyser, that shoots higher than Old Faithful, has not erupted for quite awhile.  People threw trash into it, causing it to plug up.  Now it only erupts during earthquakes.  The most reliable one, however, is called Strokkur.  It was really fun, because it would erupt about every five to ten minutes.  And it was easy to tell when it would happen, because the water in the fumarole would well up right before it went off.  It did not shoot nearly as high as Old Faithful, and it only lasted a few seconds, so pictures were hard to get, but its rapidity of fire made is easy to wait for.  Once while we were there, it shot three times in a row, within a minute or two!

The water welling up

Yep, that is water!
This stop only took about 30 minutes, but we enjoyed looking at geysirs!

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