Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Northern Fjords

Most of Monday was spent driving the fjords.  We know they would be more spectacular if the grass were green, but having the road to ourselves so that we could stop right in the middle of it to take pictures was worth it!  The snow cover surprised us - we expected it to be melted more - and the road was even more surprising.  Rather steep on the sides with few guard rails, one-lane tunnels, and steep grades (many at 10%) made for interesting driving.

Those are hay bales waiting to be collected.

We love the stratification in the hill.

WAY out there is Grimsey - and the Arctic Circle.  You can see it from this spot!

Yikes!  The 4 km. one-way tunnel.  We are pulled off to let another person pass.

Avalanche gates to prevent deaths below.
Driving the fjords was an adventurous drive.  We are very grateful that we had a different car, as we would not have made it otherwise!

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