Friday, April 17, 2015

More Fosses

We are really getting into this Icelandic language!  We now know the reason for such long names - they just put together a variety of words to make another bigger word.

We visited two waterfalls today - Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss.  Seljalansfoss is the waterfall at Seljalands; Skogafoss is the waterfall at Skogar.  Easy, huh?  Well, not exactly.

Anyway, the Seljalandsfoss is a very large waterfall, but the cool (literally) part is that one can walk behind the waterfall.  It sounds better than it really is.  First, going up the rickety metal stairs, we were blasted with a wind and rain that soaked our jeans.

We could handle it, however, and walked behind the cascade.

It was a muddy mess.  On the other side, we noticed there were no stairs - just a path with volcanic rocks on it.  We began to climb it, and it didn't seem too bad . . . until I put my foot on what appeared to be a rock but was instead a deep mud hole.  Oh dear - my brand new hikers!

They were gray!
The good news is that most of the mud eventually dropped off, and my feet never got wet!

As recompense for the mess, however, we purchased a lovely handknitted Icelandic sweater for me.  It is warm and prettier than many of the things I own, so I imagine I will be wearing it a lot next winter!

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