Sunday, April 19, 2015

Dried Cod

Driving through the fjords, we were afforded a number of opportunities to see things we had never seen before.  One was large rings placed in the salt water.  We assumed they were some sort of fish farm, but we did not know.

Then we drove by an open-air screened-in building filled with fish.  We just had to see what it was, and since the man was there, we went up to talk to him.

He explained that he dries the cod and sells it as a kind of fish jerky.  He soaks the fish in salt water after filleting it from the bone, and then he hangs it in the shack.  He showed us fresh filets in salt water, partially-dried fish, and the completed product.  He even let us try a piece.  Its toughness surprised us, but the taste was good.  We decided to patronize him, so we bought a bag of fish.  (All of our friends will get to try it.  The wrecker driver told us his family takes the fish with them on trips, instead of chocolate and candy.  Far healthier, for sure.)

We then asked him about the round tubs in the fjord.  He said fish farmers catch small cod and put them in the round tubs.  They then feed them for a year to fatten them up, and then they sell them.  Seems like a much healthier fish farm than most we read about.

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