Friday, April 17, 2015


Can you pronounce that?  I can . . . now!  With a lot of practice!!!!

This is the name of the volcano that erupted in 2010, halting airline traffic for two weeks, mucking up the travel plans of many Europeans and North Americans alike.  We saw the devastation it wrought upon the island, and we saw a video in Reykjavik that told the story.

But we didn't really understand until we stopped at a visitor center on the way to our hotel on Thursday.  At that visitor center, we saw a video about the family that lives right below the volcano.  And they lived to tell about it.

It is an amazing story, narrated by the mother of the family.  The farm subsists on its own - it has its own generator, it uses geothermal hot water to heat the house with and to use as hot water, they raise their own dairy cattle, they have a garden . . . and all that nearly was lost with the volcano.  But with the help of many neighbors, all of the animals and people survived, and the farm is up and running again.  It is an amazing story of a community working together to hold each other up.

Although this is not the farmstead, it looks somewhat like this.  Don has a better picture that will replace this one when we return hom!

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