Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Blow Out the Candles and Turn Out the Lights

We knew our next hotel was off the beaten path, and we drove by it at first.  The sign was pretty obvious, however, and we were somewhat curious about the Hoffstadir Guesthouse.  Finding the reception area was the first adventure, as it wasn't exactly marked well.  But we guessed that the door with the Welcome Bear in front of it must have been it, so Don went in to check in.

Within a minute, an obviously Icelandic man came out with Don to show him the room.  I asked Don for the key, and he said, "There isn't one."  Love it!  So we moved in out suitcases and went to the dining room for dinner.  And our room was not locked!

There we met some friends that have stayed at two other hotels with us - more about that in another blog.  It was just the six of us for the evening, so while dinner was being prepared, we visited.

The dinner, an exquisitely and simply made Arctic Char, caught just that day was as tasty as any of the fancy dinners we have had.  A salad of Icelandic lettuce and potatoes with cottage cheese and pesto added to a first-rate meal.  While we were eating, Toti told us an evening story about the area around the guesthouse.

He then left.  As he departed, he said, "The bar is here.  Turn out the lights and blow out the candles. I will see you in the morning."  We were all stunned.  None of us has ever had that happen.  So we stayed up for awhile, the men had some more to drink, and then they turned out the lights and blew out the candles.

When they came outside, however, they found they couldn't see anything.  I think they wish they had brought one of the candles with them - ha, ha!

After a lovely night's sleep in the pleasantly cool room, we arose for breakfast.  Toti first served us a plate of whale.  Never had whale before.  It was quite salty and fatty - not bad, but I will keep my bacon, thank you.  Although the remainder was a typical Icelandic breakfast spread, he had arisen early to bake the bread, and all of the jellies were homemade.  With the exception of the bananas and oranges, all of the food was locally produced.  He also told us a morning story.  Fun!

Don loved the whale; I thought it was a bit salty.

When it was time to leave, Toti asked how much we drank last night, added it to our dinner bill, and we were off.  What a memorable experience.

I know this was Don's favorite place to stay for sure.

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