Friday, April 17, 2015

Black Sand Beaches

We had been to a black-sand beach in Hawaii, so we wanted to compare this one with it.  This particular beach is much, much larger than the one in Hawaii, and it has been used in a number of movies.  Today, someone else was filming there.

We noticed several things about this beach:

The waves were pounding and pounding - much higher and rougher than waves in California.

The "sand" was at the top of the beach, and the smoothly ground rocks were down closer to the waves, which seemed backwards to us.

The black rocks against my brown, dirty shoes!

There were basalt formations at the beach and in the ocean, and several caves on the beach made a unique look.  

Filming a movie
Basalt blocks . . . and yes it is a picture in color!

We did see some seaweed, but that was the only "sealife" we saw, though hundreds of gulls were nesting in the cliffs.

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